Welcome to Unlimited You

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What is Unlimited You?

Unlimited You is an online community where people with disabilities and long term health conditions can become healthier and happier individuals through accessible exercise and food. You will get access to new monthly yummy recipes, easy to follow exercises and an incredible community where you can share your story, be accepted for who you are and find a place where you belong.

The Workouts.

Here at Unlimited You, we understand how frustrating and sometimes difficult it is to work out when you have a disability. That's why we have put together 3 different 4-week workout programmes for you. All of the workout programmes include 4 weeks of core, cardio, upper body and lower body exercises that are easy to follow, can be done anywhere and require no equipment. So, what are the 3 different workout programmes...

Assisted Standing Workouts...

The assisted standing workout programme is perfect for those of us who need a little support when exercises. All the exercises in this programme use a chair to support you whilst still making sure you are getting a great workout.

Single Arm Workouts...

The single-arm workout programme has been made for those of us who only have the use of one arm. That means that everything in this programme is done using only one arm.

Seated Workouts...

The seated workout programme has been designed for everyone that needs to be seated whilst working out. That means there are no exercises that require you to have to get out of your chair.


FOOD. I know, we love it too. But your diet and the food you eat can have a massive impact on your health. That's why we provide you with healthy but yummy, easy to cook recipes every month.